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TENiFY Enhanced TEXT-SAVVY Marketing
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More than email, web or phone: 96% of consumers prefer a private interactive text messaging service to get instant information, when they need it - ON-DEMAND!


What's TENiFY?

TENiFY is an easy-to-use automated interactive SMS/MMS service

It works as a regular text message you send friends and family, or colleagues, to instantly receive information you need (no apps to install). Except that it doesn't require a manual response from the bsuiness: TENiFY is fully automated to work 24/7 even when you and your staff are sleeping! It's really easy to see how it works: Simply text TENiFY to 590-590 and find out for yourself. Don't worry we are a private service which means your mobile number remains out of the business owner's reach.

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how does TENiFY work?


you pick any name you want to represent you

you pick your identifying-name that will remain exclusive to you and your business. for example you choose "BumbleBee" or "DrBrian" as your identifier...

...from that moment on "BumbleBee" is assigned to you and any mobile user who text messages "BumbleBee" to 590-590 gets the information you provide...


you decide what information is provided upon request

you can provide from 1 up to 15 unique replies AKA call-to-action (CTA) replies. for example, on the first response you provide the initial information and the mobile user is given the option of where to go next. reply "1" can take them to directions and hours, reply "2" a list of services, reply "3" email and contact information, reply "4" coupons & specials or details about an event...


you let TENiFY do the grunt work

…you provide any piece of information you choose, in whatever order you prefer, with the ability to change info as needed, that the other party receives only UPON REQUEST, any time of day or late late night! NO SPAM, ever.

….imagine how easy this will make life for everyone!


are you ready for a test drive?

now, to get a feel for how it all works simply text "TENiFY" to 590-590 to see what happens!

or to see some sample accounts text REALTOR or RESTAURANT or BUMBLEBEE to 590-590 to experience what it's like to get TENiFYed.


Industry Use Examples: Try'em out!

Apartments for Rent or Lease

to:       590-590

Event Planners

text:   EVENTS
to:       590-590


to:       590-590


text:   BUMBLE BEE
to:       590-590

Realtor - Residential

text:   REALTOR
to:       590-590

Realtors - Commercial

text:   REALTORS
to:       590-590

You activate -
We donate - $10...

NO Gimmicks. NO Limits.

$10 goes to the American Red Cross for every activation.

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Our No Monthly Fee service simply requires a one-time activation fee to secure your unique keyword. Think of your keyword as a unique identifier like a web address URL. Once it's registered in our system it's never duplicated. So don't wait another day.

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Our Process


96% of surveyed customers prefer to communicate and receive information about a business by private text messaging. The same way they communicate with friends, family and colleagues. That's exactly how TENiFY works: as a private SMS that doesn't disclose the mobile number to the business. Nor does TENiFY force the mobile users to opt-in for future marketing materials.


TENiFY's text messaging service is instantly available to all mobile users. No Apps or downloads are required. This combined with our response automation makes TENiFY the perfect communication tool to market, target, and capture mobile users by giving them what they need, when they need it, 24/7.


TENiFY's NO MONTHLY FEE text messaging SMS service is the most cost effective rich-content delivery service to Market, Target, Capture and Convert mobile users into long-term customers. Secure your keyword today and start your mobile marketing before it's too late.

Love is in the Air?

tenify free text messaging for small business marketing

Excellent Product!

I'm a property owner and rather than fielding phone calls from my leasing signs, prospects can get their leasing information via a text message. Thank you tenify! Jeff Grover, Grover Group, LLC, Texas

tenify free live chat with text messaging for business

Great Marketing Tool!

As a business owner TENiFY makes connecting with the mobile user easier, because they can reach my business by texting and chatting without me having to do the extra work! Adrianna Medina, California

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